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About Us

Applied Sciences is a link between pure sciences (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry etc.) and engineering practices. It aims to cater the needs of engineering students during their initial semesters by providing a foundation through different theoretical and practical courses as per the curriculum. The basic concepts related to physical, chemical and mathematical sciences are inculcated in their minds at this level which is essential to understand and perceive the basic principles of engineering practices We teach subjects as per the curriculum of Savitibai Phule Pune University, for the subjects Engineering Mathematics-I & II Engineering Chemistry, Engineering Physics to the students of first year engineering during their first and second semesters and these courses are common to all disciplines. Engineering Mathematics III is offered to the second year engineering students as per needs of their respective discipline The department has well equipped laboratories enabling our faculty to deliver contents so that students can employ fundamental principles through various experiments to understand basic concepts in engineering practices.

Department is committed to serve the needs of various engineering branches by imparting fundamental knowledge of applied sciences, mathematics and engineering along with grooming of basic skills through an effective teaching/learning environment. The staff members are highly qualified, committed, dynamic and enthusiastic towards all the activities the department undertakes.
The department being an integral and basic part of the college focuses on promoting the discovery and application of scientific knowledge. Thus, prepares the students to contribute effectively, intellectually and ethically as citizens of a dynamic scientific community.

Department also ensures the enrichment of technical skills, communication and soft skills of students by organizing communication skills, general seminar and technical workshops.

HOD Message

-Prof. Manisha Bapusaheb Kachare

Department of First Year Engineering is committed to provide excellence in Engineering. We are also committed to nurture the students to get acquainted with the latest skills and practices keeping the pace with the industry. Department continuously organizes various seminars, workshops to develop and improve technical and intellectual skills. Experienced and devoted Faculties, Well equipped Laboratories, Research Culture and Disciplined Environment are major strengths of Department.
Our alumni are working at well known industries. We also depute our faculties at renowned Institutions for various training programs. Students and faculties are active members of Technical Bodies such as CSI, IEEE and ISTE. Students Associations provides platform to enhance their skills and personality.

Misssion & Vision


It is aimed to provide the finest environment for teaching, learning, research, innovation and character building.


1. To impart and inculcate both theoretical as well as practical knowledge in students.
2. To create confident youth with a sense of duty,discipline and responsibility.
3. To create confident youth with a sense of duty,discipline and responsibility.
4. To develop competent professionals who are proficient in analysis,design and implementation of broadly-defined engineering problems.

-Prof. Manisha B. Kachare

  • MSc(Analytical Chemistry), BEd
  • 7 Years
  • Engineering Chemistry

-Prof. Mamta S. Shinde

  • M.E. (Design Engineering), B.E. (Mechanical Engineering)
  • 9 Years (Teaching: 7 Years, Industry: 2 Years)
  • ***
  • Thermodynamics, Mechanical System Design,Dynamics of Machinery , Applied Thermodynamics

-Prof. Atul Joshi

PROFESSOR, CEO and Founder - Indus Aviation systems LLP
  • M.E. ( Electronics), B.E. ( Electronics)
  • 24 Years (Insudtry and Teaching)
  • Basic Electronics Engineering

-Prof. Akshay Bagal

  • M. Sc (Physics)
  • 1 Years
  • Engineering Physics

-Prof. Pooja Pawar

  • M.E. (Digital Electronics), B.E. (E&TC)
  • 1 Years
  • Digital Electronics, computer network,Digital, Image processing, Industrial Management,SQL

-Prof. Mubin Khan Bismilla Khan

  • M. Sc ( Mathematics) , B. ed
  • 3 Years
  • Engineering Mathematics

-Prof. Rashmi Bhumbare

  • M.E Electrical(Electronics & power),
    B.E Electrical(Electronics & power)
  • 2 Years
  • Basic Electrical Engineering